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A Registered Migration Agent in Australia or a Licensed Immigration Adviser in New Zealand is a highly- skilled professional who has the expertise in giving you immigration assistance and professional advise with regard to visa application. Under Australian and New Zealand laws, anyone who uses knowledge of migration procedures to offer immigration assistance to a person wishing to obtain a visa to enter or remain in Australia or New Zealand must be registered or exempt from registration. All registered migration agents are bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct, which requires agents to act professionally in their clients’ lawful best interests. As immigration rules are very dynamic, the migration agent can explain to the client in simple words the meaning of every policy in the regulation. The migration agent may be a lawyer or a holder of Graduate Certificate in Australian or New Zealand Laws. The Office of the Migration Agent Regulations Authority (OMARA) and Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) are the regulating bodies of migration adviser professionals in Australia and New Zealand respectively.
If you want your application comply with the requirements of laws, you may engage a migration agent as he has the expertise in this field. Though there is no guarantee of success, the migration agent endeavours to satisfy all the criteria of the regulation so that there will be a reasonable chance of success. A migration agent can help you decide on which options is better for you in coming to Australia or New Zealand. Thru the assistance of an agent, the available relief may also be sought in case your visa is refused or denied. If you are not confident in processing your visa, you may engage an agent.
In choosing the right migration agent, you must do your homework very well. If you are migrating to Australia, you must check if the migration agent is listed and registered with the Office of the Migration Agent Regulatory Authority (OMARA) at www.mara.gov.au. If you are intending to migrate to New Zealand, you must check if your immigration adviser is listed and registered with http://www.iaa.govt.nz/. Check the website with the kind of services the migration offers. You must research on the background , expertise and experience of the migration agent. It is not the long years of experience that usually counts but the success rate he has in handling cases and how satisfied his clients.

   You must be given a copy of the Consumer Guide when you consult a migration agent or immigration adviser

   A migration agent or an immigration adviser does not guarantee success in any visa application

   Once the application is lodged, it is beyond the migration agent’s control

   You must be given a statement of service once your visa service has been finalized




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Engaging in RPS was the best decision we made with regards to our PR visa application. We were worried at first because we reside here in Adelaide and the office is in Melbourne. However, with ongoing support and understanding, RPS has been consistent in guiding, answering our questions, and helping us with the requirements before and during the application process - on top of the kindest payment plan I have experienced here in Australia. Thank you RPS and well done to all the staffs! - Efren Jr K. and Joranne M. (De facto), PR granted September 11, 2017

- Efrrhannez M Kinomes Permanent Resident
RPS did a very excellent job in helping me and my husband process our PR visas. Everything was swift and easy with RPS guiding us through the process. Every time I have queries and would call Sir Ren (RPS) he would kindly answer and address my concerns which makes me one happy client. Got our PR visas hassle free. Two thumbs up for RPS. Thank you so much Sir Ren and to the whole RPS staff who assisted us!
- Angelei Kristyl Saberon-Bongo Permanent Resident
RPS is an angel! He holds on to us during the time our working visa is about to expire in a month. He said keep praying and he will do his best. Got my invitation in no time that saves our trip back to Philippines and leave everything behind here in Melbourne. He got a pure heart and a smile that gives u the assurance that everything will be alright. Once again Thank you so much RPS! Let God guide you in your endeavors and may you help more Filipinos to fulfill Australian Dream!!!
- Exceldonski Dela Cruz Permanent Resident
A big thanks to the RPS team especially to sir Renan now that I've got my permanent residency!. Thank you for your great assistance during the whole process of my PR application. I am genuinely happy that your team became a part of my journey here in Australia. Godbless and may you continue helping others! Cheers!

- Hazzel Joy Arsolacia Permanent Resident
They've always been there every step of the way. My situation has been very complicated after experiencing a visa refusal. I called RPS Perth office and spoke to Miss Ali explaining the situation. RPS then advised me of the steps to be done from tribunal to approval and assisted all throughout the process including emotional support! Proud to say I am now a Permanent Resident here in Australia. And oh, they have flexible payment schemes! Thank you sir Renante and Miss Ali! With RPS Migration, you are in good hands!!!
- Reg Sasie Permanent Resident
RPS helped me and my husband reach our Australian dream. Just got our PR after a few months but worth the wait! Kudos to their very helpful and supportive staffs especially to Ms. Ally. Thanks for all the help and for pushing us to beat our deadlines and move forward.
- Karen Ramos-Bagnas Permanent Resident
I would like to thank RPS team specially sir Renante Sulit, RPS Cebu, sir alter and my sister Cerstin Daclan for all the helped since the start of my journey to Success, I am now a permanent resident here in Australia. It would not be possible without you guys. Kudos to everyone!!!
- Shenly Daclan Permanent Resident
RPS migration service. Thank you so much po! You're services are top of the line. Special mention to mam Ali who tirelessly helped me and my wife process our visa applications. Now, we are permanent residents with your help. Will definitely recommend your services to my friends.
- Jeinard Casais Permanent Resident
I got my PR after 2 days. I love how they're transparent to their clients. I highly recommend them. Keep helping other filipinos succeed and let it be your main goal, rather than financial gain. God bless RPS!
- Genevieve Ursula Bravo Permanent Resident
I never thought that my dream would come true. Not until RPS has made that dream come true. I hope yours too, by engaging him. You wont believe how dedicated and client-oriented he is. I have seen and experienced it first hand. Who would have thought that in just 5 mos, I became an AusRN and a Permanent Resident? He made it possible. And he will make your dreams possible too! Sir, thank you for all the hardwork you put out there for everyone, for making other people's dreams come to fruition! No one can do what you do best! Kay RPS, sulit ang visa mo!
- McBrian Valdez Permanent Resident

I started my journey with RPS from student visa application to my PR visa application. I got my student visa so fast and worry-free, as well as my RN registration, ANMAC, and State Nomination in Victoria, however, my PR application was a bit complicated as per RPS, and it is! I must agree! It has been almost 10 months since it was lodged offshore, and today I got my permanent residency visa granted together with my daughter through the help and expertise of RPS migration. RPS did an excellent job in helping me and my family. Maraming-maraming salamat Sir Renante P. Sulit (RPS) for the assistance, patience, and understanding, as well as to Mr. Alter Sauro and RPS staff thanks. May God continue to bless you abundantly. Cheers!
- Wendy Camba-Maggay Permanent Resident
Engaging with RPS is one of the best decisions our family has made. My sister and I are both nurses who are quite naive when it comes to processingour papers that is why we sought the help of RPS. Fast forward 12 months later, I am now a permanent resident thru the help of RPS. If not for their assistance, we would not have achieved our Australian dream. They not only provide you with assistance in processing your papers, they also provide emotional support if needed. A big shout out to my Tatay, Renante P. Sulit. Thank you for all the love and.concern. you've been my second father here in Australia. Now, we've achieved our vision for me to become a PR. My sister's on her way to becoming a PR as well, with God's grace and the help of RPS. We are both working here in NSW as nurses. I started my bridging course at ETEA just last June 2017. How fast right? Indeed, nothing is impossible, especially with God's grace and mercy.
- Eunica Rohanne Opulencia Permanent Resident
Talagang “Kay RPS sulit ang visa mo!” They not just do their job, youre also well taken care of. No doubt many more clients are engaging with them. Investing a big amount of money does make you hesitant, but I attest to that one great move. After trusting them, I didnt regret a thing. It was all worth it. I am beyond happy and satistfied! Thanks RPS! God bless!
- Krislene Dee Permanent Resident
Not all applications are as smooth as the others. Mine may took a rocky road, I am just so lucky that RPS Migration Australia has stick to their promise... that is, “to guide and be with me until I get my Permanent Residency in Australia”. They have been very patient to me, especially in answering all of my endless sometimes nonsense questions.RPS Migration Australia take solely of all the responsibilities of processing my papers.

Everyday I do my thing, going to the gym, mall, sleep, eat and then one day I wake up... boom! I am an Australian Permanent Resident already.

No magic made, all done by RPS Migration Australia.

So... I’m giving 5 stars because without them I don’t even know where to start this whole Australian dream. Again, Thank you and Congratulations RPS for a job well done!

- Mae Crizzel Nibungco Permanent Resident


 Subclass 600
  • Eunica OPULENCIA
  • Visa Granted May 17, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Kendra IMMOLIAP
  • Visa Granted April 28, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Reginald VERGARA
  • Visa Granted March 1, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Lester LORA
  • Visa Granted March 27, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Jellois ARELLANO
  • Visa Granted April 28, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Kristina CHU
  • Visa Granted April 18, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Karen Kate PLASTICO
  • Visa Granted ‎April ‎3, ‎2018
Subclass 600
  • Sarahlyn RAMOS
  • Visa Granted March ‎20, ‎2018
 Subclass 600
  • Michelle TAMAYO
  • Visa Granted March ‎19, ‎2018
 Subclass 600
  • Rhea Maricon YAP
  • Visa Granted March ‎23, ‎2018
 Subclass 600
  • John Paul GERARDO
  • Visa Granted January 17, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Evangeline HUAN
  • Visa Granted January 17, 2017
Subclass 600
  • Angelo CAYETANO
  • Visa Granted January 27, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Rocky MALLARI
  • Visa Granted March 2, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Eddrol INLAYO
  • Visa Granted March 28, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Lara Jill MARERO
  • Visa Granted May 17, 2017
 Subclass 600
  • Christine Diane ARCAYOS
  • Visa Granted March ‎8, ‎2018
 Subclass 600
  • Camille Joy CATUNGAL
  • Visa Granted ‎March ‎6, ‎2018
Subclass 600
  • Cherylou FRAGINAL
  • Visa Granted March ‎22, ‎2018
 Subclass 600
  • Jude TAMAYO
  • Visa Granted ‎April ‎5, ‎2018
 Subclass 600
  • Michelle LEGASPI
  • Visa Granted March ‎23, ‎2018
 Subclass 600
  • Carl Jay OCARIZA
  • Visa Granted March ‎27, ‎2018

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